As an amateur golfer on the National Amateur Team of Canada, I want to make it easier for my fans and partners to follow my development.
I am dedicated to showing the necessary steps to reach the highest levels in order to make it simple, interesting and educational.
The road to the top is difficult and long in the world of golf. It is a process. There are many ways to get there and I am looking to show my progress in an interactive way.


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Best Score

Royal Melbourne East Course 2018

Best 3-day Score

TN State Open 2018

Best 4-day Score

Eisenhower Trophy 2018

Birdie Streak

5 consecutive




Born at the Greenfield Park Hospital on August 17, 1994, Joey was raised in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, city he lived in until he turned 21 years old. He attended Providence and Sacré-Coeur primary schools and later studied at the Cegep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. In the meantime, he followed his family’s footsteps by going to high school at Jean-de-la-Mennais in La Prairie. His parents (Pierre Savoie and Hélène Lamarre) have always prioritized school while encouraging his younger sister Charlotte and him to be active in sports!

He started playing golf at the age of six. Playing was inevitable: not only was Joey living on the golf course Les Légendes, but on the maternal side of the family golf is the THE main sport. His uncle, Jean-Louis Lamarre, was a successful professional golfer and rapidly became the best role model one could have. His older cousin Iannick Lamarre also played golf and his talent only fed Joey’s desire to pursue golf and to keep progressing. As soon as the school bell rang, his grandparents would pick him up so he had enough time to get 9 holes in. Also, on weekends, his parents got up very early making sure they had the first tee-time so he could play.

At the age of 10, Joey’s parents eased him into the competitive world by registering him in to the provincial Mosquito Championship. Not only did he win, but that also triggered his love for competitive golf. From that point on, he never stopped. From 11 to 14 years old, his parents signed him in for 3-week junior golf camps at Pinegrove Golf Club. Joey loved these camps where he also met his best friends even up to this date and outstanding encouraging members. This allowed him to participate in the club championship at age 14, which he won; all this thanks to Captain Yves Deschamps who gave him his first chance to play with “the big boys”. Subsequently, he was part of the golf and volleyball team at his high school, Jean-de-la-Mennais. While in CEGEP, golf was put on the back burner as his priority was school and Volleyball Division I with the Géants of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu lead by coaches Sébastien Turmel and Jean-Simon Poirier.

After his last Canadian Junior Championship, at age 18, Joey received a last-minute offer from St. Leo University in Florida about 3 weeks before school started. An offer he was eager to accept even if he was already enrolled at McGill University ready to focus on his studies in business. The wind turned and who knows if Joey would still play high-level golf without this opportunity. He stayed 3 years in Saint-Leo and helped the team win its first ever national team championship in Division II. He then transferred to Middle Tennessee State University, where Joey realized one of his dreams: compete in NCAA Division I, the highest level of collegiate golf. This experience allowed him to learn how to combine travelling, studying, training and practicing all with a great level of intensity. After completing his undergraduate degree in December 2017, Joey was selected to be part of the Canadian amateur team, another great opportunity to keep forging his path. Also, representing your country is a huge privilege and he enjoys every moment. It also speeded up his progression. Indeed, in one year Joey went from the 232nd to 57th on the WAGR (World amateur golf ranking). He also played his first PGA tournament, competed in 6 different countries and represented Canada at the World Amateur Team Championship (the Eisenhower Trophy).

Beyond golf, he loves music. He is passionate about acoustic guitar, country and rock. Joey started playing guitar at age 15 and since then he loves it, it has a therapeutic effect. He also likes tennis, a sport that he started with his father. He thinks it has many similarities with his sport. He likes to learn and read on all types of subjects as he feels that having diversity in life is essential to human development. Finally, Joey also love human psychology, communication and international politics.

"Nothing in life worth anything is easy"
- Barack Obama

Arnold Palmer

He was very competitive and very professional. He brought a lot of charisma to the game of golf and we saw that he had a lot of fun on the course. He has changed golf while giving back to society. His philanthropy helped building hospitals, while funding the care of sick children. He was also an accomplished businessman who took great joy in driving his own plane around the world. It’s pretty cool!

Roger Federer

He's the perfect athlete to him. He keeps an exemplary attitude at all times while remaining calm. He loves his sport and it’s easy to see. He is also very intelligent, dedicated to his sport and disciplined. He respects his opponents and he keeps an immaculate sporting spirit. Of course, he is a magician on the tennis course with outstanding fluidity, proving he worked hard to achieve this perfection.

Barack Obama

A man who had a great vision of America. A man who had a modest childhood but nonetheless reached the highest level in world politics. He had eloquence, a gifted intelligence, and he overcame barriers. First African-American president, he valued honesty, integrity, fairness and respect. He is not perfect too, he confessed that he made mistakes and this is a sign of great humility that all great leaders possesses.

His parents: Pierre and Hélène.

They are the most inspiring people he knows. He considers himself lucky to have such hardworking, honest and kind parents. His parents have always been humble and respectful in life. They like to give and help, all with a smile. In the difficult moments of Joey’s career, his parents always believed in him and they encouraged him to never give up. They always supported him fully. He likes to live great experiences with them because without them he would never be the person he is today.

*Primary school is equivalent to Grade 1 to 6, secondary to Grade 7 to 11, cegep to 12 to 13.

"There is no way around the hard way. Embrace it"
- Roger Federer


October 15, 2019

Joey Savoie nous parle de sa levée de fond pour aller à la PGA – 98.5 FM

Joey Savoie nous parle de sa levée de fond pour aller à la PGA
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Daniel Langevin

Golf Coach

Guillaume Dulude PhD


Dr. François Chaput

Chiropractor at ATHLETE F1RST

Derek Ingram

Team Canada Coach

Phil Tremblay & JC Glauser

Physical Trainers


Greg Redman

Physio Team Canada

Adrienne Toogood

Psychologist Team Canada

Rémi Bouchard

Pinegrove Head Pro

October 15, 2019

Joey Savoie nous parle de sa levée de fond pour aller à la PGA – 98.5 FM

Joey Savoie nous parle de sa levée de fond pour aller à la PGA
October 14, 2019

Activité Joey Savoie 2019 – Le Samedi 19 Octobre

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